About Our Events

The focus of our events is networking, meaning that we have a full programme of activities and you are all welcome to join us for as many of them as you like.

The more present you are, the more communication opportunities you will have. 

Who can join our events?

  • Schools, agents and service providers from the education travel industry.

  • People from our industry who are looking for alternative ways to network and do business.

  • Businesses and organisations who are looking for a fun team-building getaway.

  • Anyone in the industry who is interested in interacting with friends and colleagues in workshops and open discussions.

  • You are also welcome to bring a relative or friend along with you.

What happens at our events?

We start our day with breakfast after which we generally have 3 hours of activities/excursions. At lunchtime participants are generally free to make their own plans, however, we always provide an option for those who decide to join us.

An industry discussion / workshop / seminar normally follows lunch. Industry discussions are held with the whole group so that we can all learn from each other and find ways to help our businesses grow.

More networking will take place in the afternoon; again depending on the location, this could take the form of cultural walks, relaxation in a spa or participants might choose to extend activity hours and continue practicing a sport / activity. Flexibility is one of our key strengths-we prepare a programme which can be changed according to what participants prefer. 

We always do our best to try and combine networking with a cultural tour of the place we are at. Transport is provided and the price for transport will vary depending on the number of people joining us. From our side, we will always give you all the prices in advance so that you can do your budgeting and make your plans.

In the evening we have dinner together as a group in the various locations that we will be visiting. Dinner could be held at local restaurants so that you can have the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of the country as well.

After dinner, there will be time to sit down together and continue talking and networking in a relaxed manner.