FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which airport should I land in? Geneva Airport 
  2. How do I get from the airport to the accommodation? Either by public transport or with the transport which fRilingue are organinsing (Euro 50 one way) 
  3. What currency does Switzerland use? Swiss Francs
  4. What is included with the free accommodation?  Breakfast and Wi-Fi
  5. How can I confirm a place? Since the accommodation is free, we will need to see a copy of your flight tickets as confirmation. If you are booking a hotel nearby, please let us know which hotel you've booked and your arrival details.
  6. Who will I be sharing the room with? You can book as a group and choose a room that fits 4, 6 or 8 persons. Please keep in mind that the smaller rooms are likely to be taken first and we will fill the rooms to their maximum capacity (i.e. if you are a group of 5, you can book a 6-bed room and we might add someone else in that room, if needs be.)
  7. Are the bathrooms shared? Yes but showers are divided in cubicles so there is still the privacy one needs.
  8. I am a total beginner and have never tried skiing in my life. Can I still try? Yes, we will have professional ski teachers to help you get started. 
  9. If I don't want to ski, can I still join the event?  Yes, there are other activities and excursions planned for those who don't want to ski. 
  10. Is the price of skiing and excursions included in the package price? No, this is not included so that you can decide what you prefer to do whilst you are in Switzerland.
  11. Are meals included in the price? Breakfast is included, however, lunch and dinner are not. For dinner we are planning International Cooking Nights on 3 evenings. You will be part of a group and each group will cook on ONE of these 3 evenings. Together you can buy the ingredients for your chosen dishes and share the expenses.  
  12. What will the discussions be about? The discussions are open to your suggestions, meaning that we can discuss the topics of interest you suggest during the event. 
  13. What do I need to bring with me? It is important to bring comfortable and warm clothes. The Networking Meetings and Industry Discussions are very informal so feel free to leave your business suits at home. This event is all about networking in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
  14. Can I bring marketing material with me? You are more than welcome to bring marketing material for other participants. We recommend getting in touch with us closer to the date so that we tell you how many participants there will be so that you can plan your marketing material accordingly.
  15. Who can I bring with me? You can choose to come alone, with colleagues, or even with family members or friends. If you are planning to bring your children we will need to know their age.
  16. How do I book? You can fill in the booking form from the Booking page.
  17. When do I pay?  If you are taking fRilingue's airport transfer, you will need to book and pay via bank transfer and you can pay for the excursions and dinners when you arrive in Switzerland.
  18. How do I contact you? Contact details are provided in the Contact Page.