How to Get There

By car


We leave on the 20th January 2020 at 5 pm from Milan Malpensa Airport. There is a flight from Malaga to Malpensa (Monday, 20. Jan. 13:55 - 16:25 - easyJet - 2 h 30 Min. AGP-MX)

50 Euro from Milan Malpensa to our Chalet in Liddes


On 24th January we will take people to Milan Malpensa once again. We leave from our Chalet at 10 am and arrive in Malpensa ca. at 1 pm. 

50 Euro from Liddes to Milan Malpensa

Do you want to fly to Geneva and be more flexible?

For the Geneve Airport - Martigny train station you can find a direct train here. It costs ca. 40 Euros. 

We can pick you up in Martigny by car for 25 Euro and drive you to our Chalet. 

We can offer the same arrangement for the way back: Liddes Chalet to Martigny Train Station for 25 Euro. 

By train directly to our place?

Take a train from inside Geneva Airport to Martigny, where you'll then take two short regional trains and a bus to Liddes, where we will collect you.

Here is an example schedule of the journey: