Past Events

Ski & Network: January 2017

The Network Plus held its first industry event in Leysin, Switzerland in January 2017. 

The event was called Ski & Network and the aim of it was to have schools, agents and industry players networking in an informal atmosphere, whilst having some fun and practising skiing.

You can view our photos from this event here.

Dive & Network: September 2017

The second networking event was held in Malta at the end of September 2017.

Participants had the opportunity to visit schools in Malta, go on cultural trips and also do some diving, swimming and sunbathing. This event also gave some insights into digital marketing and educational robotics during the seminars which were prepared. 

You can view photos of the event here.

Ski & Network: February 2018

The Ski & Network 2018 gathering was held in Liddes, Switzerland and it proved to be yet another fantastic experience for schools, agents and industry professionals from different countries to meet in an informal setting, discuss examples of best practice, share ideas and learn from each other.

Photos from Ski & Network 2018 can be viewed here.

Ski and Network: March 2019

Ski & Network 2019 was held in Liddes, Switzerland in March. This gathering brought together around 50 professionals from the Education Travel Industry who came from Ireland, Switzerland, Malta, France, Germany, UK, Belarus, Russia, Serbia, the Netherlands, China, Brazil and Ukraine.

You can view this year's photos here.

The Ski & Network gathering will be repeated again in .January 2020

Surf and Network: October 2019

Surf and Network was held in Ireland from the 29th October until the 2nd November 2019. During the 5 days of this gathering we had the opportunity to visit various places around Ireland, while enjoying some great Beginners waves, amazing countryside views, and great company.

You can check out all the event photos here.

Surf and Network in Lahinch, September 2019